Laurence Andrews

October Solar Update

Yes, I have been doing a terrible job of updating the blog. Sorry again. It has been about three months since we placed our order with JPS Renewables for our PV array and Battery. Thought it’d be worth a quick blog to update on where we are and how things are progressing. The good news is that we now have a confirmed install date, we’re booked... Read more

Going Solar

Exciting news! We’ve committed and we’re going Solar. A fair amount changed since the last blog post, reading it back, neither company that we were talking to were particularly interested in our needs as a customer; the council scheme was slow and it turns out they couldn’t wait to get us off their books, and the other one, well, let’s not go th... Read more

Considering Solar

We’ve been in our new home for just over four months now and have really begun to settle in. In the first few weeks we did some decorating, replaced the carpet, curtains, lights (every bulb was incandescent!) and even had a new front door installed. Those changes made a big difference both in how we feel in the house, but also in the energy cost... Read more

Posting with Working Copy on iOS

Hello from our first overseas holiday in a very long time. We arrived a few days ago and have just begun to settle in the our hotel and properly relax and unwind. This is the first time we’ve been to Madeira, Victoria’s first time to Portugal and Charlotte’s first trip abroad. Work was beginning to really get on top of me last week; one thing i... Read more

Hello, High Halstow

We’ve finally moved! It’s been a longer than expected journey and the past few weeks in particular have been really very stressful, but at last we’re finally in our new home. One week in and we absolutely love it and are so, so happy that everything worked out. The new house has four bedrooms, a small study/office, is detached with a south-faci... Read more

Below Deck Challenge Update

Well, we did it! I’ll admit, this wasn’t exactly the most challenging, er, challenge, but it has been an interesting exercise in understanding where we can actually save money if we really needed to. The ‘laissez-faire’ days of food shopping have been and gone in the Andrews household, we’re all about planning, meal preps and sticking to a shopp... Read more

Dadblog - Two Months Old

Nope, I haven’t abandoned the DadBlog, it is still absolutely a thing… I’d say it’s been hard to find time, but if that were true I wouldn’t have been pumping out random posts about parks in Medway, my ancestors or how we’re trying to cut down our food budget. Truth is that I’ve struggled to find a way to write down and share about Charlotte joi... Read more

Hillyfields, Gillingham

Park #4 of The Medway Parks Challenge, is another park that I somehow didn’t know about, and our third Green Flag’er, Gillingham’s Hillfields Community Park. The park consists of three sections, each at a different level, a sizeable play park on the lower part, on Parr Ave, a flat sports field and an upper orchard. The grounds are nestled betwe... Read more