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Update (2020-11-25): The ramblings concept mentioned here was a good idea, I’ve switched to using for short ramblings-style posts. I’ve removed the hidden tags that stopped the ramblings posts from showing up in the main feed. Enjoy.

Was having a big ‘ol think the other day after I posted another Coronavirus blog. That post took me almost a day to write, edit, re-write and sort the images out for. And, well, it’s just a crappy blog post, there’s nothing special about it and it certainly didn’t need re-writing several times. I want to write more, but whenever I try to I end up making a total cake about the content and making sure there’s no grammar errors, spelling errors and all of that nonsense. I’m going to stop all of that nonsense. Nobody actually reads the stuff I post anyway, so most of the time I’m both author and audience.

This is the first post of what I hope will be many where I just write stuff. Probably useless crap, but stuff nonetheless. The idea is to stop being so picky about the content and to just actually write things. More content, less quality (well, quality was debatable anyway!) Hopefully in doing so I can bring some more of a human element back and get better at writing and sharing too. I’m going to post these ‘ramblings’ as hidden, so they won’t show on the main blog page but will still be accessible if you know where to look.

Anwyay… Welcome to the new ramblings, and yes I have had a beer. Actually I ordered some more beer today. Six beers, for £31. Yes, I know that’s insane but Beer is currently my only hobby and it’s also really very good beer. It’s funny thinking about it because I’m the same person that stands in Asda for 10 mins trying to find the best possible deal on a case of premium lager to save all of £1. This £31 beer is really quite good though: Verdant Brewing Co from Cornwall, Penryn/Falmouth specifically. It’s also not actually £31, this order was for 4 x 4.5% Pale Ales at £3.65 and 2 x 8% DIPAs at £5.50, plus £5 shipping. Six beers for £31 isn’t bad, right? Verdant are really quite clever, they release two new beers every week and for an addict like myself it’s really quite difficult to miss out on the new releases.

Today has been a pretty busy day at work but Victoria and I both managed to complete our morning and evening commute. The weather in the morning was great, we set out a little earlier than usual because we had a Tesco at 8am but that was all fine. We saw the Arco Avon go past the Yacht Club. The walk in the afternoon was a little windy and chilly but perfectly fine. For the first time in several weeks there is actually some activity at the Yacht Club, a boat was on the travelling hoist, so it looks like the bosun is getting stuff moving again. It’s a little odd seeing all the boats on the hard in May.

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