Laurence Andrews

Cisco ICOMM v8 Day 2

Day 2 started with Unity, Cisco’s voice mail product. It surprised me how separate voice mail is from the system, Unity is very much an independent product, and one that can be used entirely separately from everything else if it’s so desired. We moved on to some lab work, only basic things.. Logging in to the Call Manager and enabling services, checking system information etc. The first real telephone piece of work involved setting up a 7965 phone and adding it to the Call Manager, configuring the line keys and associating a user to the phone.


Towards the end of the day we went over Call Flows and Cal Legs. This part I found rather involved, being new to dial plan rules and route patterns it took some time to grasp. It was also somewhat confusing to understand how each device along the route can have a different set of dial rules.

Looking forward to tomorrow…

Oh, I also managed to find a bus that travels directly from Liverpool Street Station to Tower Bridge (the Number 78). This means I no longer have to walk :D

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