Laurence Andrews

October Solar Update

Yes, I have been doing a terrible job of updating the blog. Sorry again.

It has been about three months since we placed our order with JPS Renewables for our PV array and Battery. Thought it’d be worth a quick blog to update on where we are and how things are progressing.

The good news is that we now have a confirmed install date, we’re booked in for Friday, 11th November! The plan is to have a team come and have everything installed in one day (guess we pray for no rain?). We are having the scaffolding erected on the 3rd and dismantled on the 17th. That should give us time to get the chimney removed in advance of the PV.

The journey to get a confirmed date hasn’t been easy, there was some miscommunication about the getting a survey arranged, which had actually already taken place. We then clarified and were told we were being pencilled in for December because of a parts shortage of the PV and Harvi. Not ideal, but fine.

Last week I emailed and asked about having a Zappi added to our install (to avoid needing to do so later, once we inevitably get an EV). And I was told that the results of our survey were outstanding. Confused! I left it for a few days, but then had a call to confirm our install date for November!

I’m sure there is some well-intended customer expectations management going on, but the lack of certainty has been a bit frustrating and email communication could have been better. Since the survey (which was very easy and a good opportunity to ask questions) I have not felt confident that our case/project is being well managed.

Following the addition of the Zappi, I understood from the the sales designer that a container of panels had gone missing(!) which I’m sure wasn’t easy to deal with from their perspective. Perhaps that and the increased demand has resulted in a bumpy few months. I do however trust that we’re in a queue and that queue is being managed. I would not feel the same from other suppliers. Also remain confident that JPS know what they’re doing and aren’t cutting corners.

Either way, we’re on track and in line with our original expectations for install dates. Adding the Zappi was a very easy process, cost was slightly more than I expected, but a relatively reasonable cost. It makes sense for all components to be supported and managed on the same install. I understand also that the Zappi would be included in the 0% VAT deal, since it’s part of the same installation as the PV.

Expect another update and many more tweets soon. I will try and take as many pictures as I can.

This weekend we’ll try to clear the under-stair cupboard and garage to get ready. Weekend following (once scaffold is up) we’ll deal with the Chimney. I’ve booked the day off work on the 11th for the install since I expect it’ll be difficult to manage both. Also happens to be Charlotte’s birthday weekend so that’s a bonus! Hopefully we’ll be greener before she’s one.