Laurence Andrews

Posting with Working Copy on iOS

Hello from our first overseas holiday in a very long time. We arrived a few days ago and have just begun to settle in the our hotel and properly relax and unwind. This is the first time we’ve been to Madeira, Victoria’s first time to Portugal and Charlotte’s first trip abroad.

Work was beginning to really get on top of me last week; one thing in particular really quite upset me and made me realise what is important. So glad that we booked this trip when we did, it worked out as the perfect time to get away together and had allowed me to calm down. In the past when we’ve been away I’ve usually brought my laptop with me and always check in on work emails. Terrible habit which on this trip I’ve managed to break, Outlook and Teams have been uninstalled!

Not taking a laptop has however presented a bit of a challenge because I’m used to using it for so many things. Blogging, which I don’t seem to do very often anyway(!) isn’t something I’ve been able to do from my phone. I spent some time a while back looking into how to do it and the consensus online is to use Working Copy to draft and publish via git and then use iOS shortcuts to resize, scale images. Working copy isn’t free, it’s £17.99 for the pro version, but is a very well built app. This is my first post using the new setup which hopefully works…

Authoring on iOS, specifically and iPhone mini isn’t easy. I’m not used to typing much on such a small device, but seem to be able to get on with it.

Anyway, back to the holiday. Hopefully a post about our trip will follow shortly.

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