Laurence Andrews

St Austell to Penzance

This week we went to St Austell in Cornwall. We drove - Because well frankly it’s cheaper (just), easier, allows us to drive around, allows us to leave when we want and it’s quicker (marginally). Which is all well and good… But I don’t get to go on a train! The time before last that we visited St Austell we did get the train all the way from Str... Read more

Port Issac Lifeboat Station

I’m not going to beat around the bush here… I’ve seen better kept stations. It appears to have been attacked by seagulls! Port Issac Is a tiny town on the north coast of Cornwall between Tintagnel and Padstow, it’s become famous for being the set for the ITV series Doc Martin. It’s an operational fishing port with some lovely pubs and spectacula... Read more

Ramsgate Lifeboat Station

This was kind of a good birthday. It’s not often that it falls on a Saturday, and even less often that is is followed by plenty of annual leave. This birthday @tigziefc and I went to Broadstairs and Ramsgate. Broadstairs was lovely, we had a quick go on the penny pushers and even won a prize from the tickets! After that we got to see two lifeboa... Read more

Aberdeen Lifeboat Station

There are lots of lifeboat stations that don’t have Wikipedia pages. I think that is a bit of a shame, so I thought I’d start with the letter A and work my way though. Here is Aberdeen Lifeboat Station’s new page: Read more

Cisco ICOMM v8 Day 4

Today was a long day, but lots got done. I made the most notes so far today, which must be a good sign that some interesting things were being learnt. We started with BAT, the Bulk Administration Tool. It seems to work fairly well, although it isn’t exactly, what’s the word… Professional? It’s just excel files. I was kind of hoping for something... Read more