Laurence Andrews

Medway Parks

In January 2022 we made it our goal to visit each of the 116 parks and open spaces listed in the Medway Council website. The aim of the Medway Parks Challenge is to see more of Medway, to get ourselves out, do some walking and appreciate the green spaces around us. You can read more about the rules of the challenge in this blog post.

Below is a list of the parks shown on the Medway Council website as of January 1st, 2022. There is a link to the Council page for each park in the list below. When we’ve visited the park, I’ll mark with a tick ‘✅’ and include the date and a link to the blog post. Since there are more parks in Medway than those listed on the Council page, I’ll share those too, but mark them with a ‘🌼’ emoji. Visiting non-listed parks doesn’t count towards our goal of visiting all listed Medway Parks. Eight of Medway’s parks were awarded Green Flag status in 2021, these are marked with a ‘⭐️’ emoji.


Rochester (1/14)

Chatham (36)

Strood (2/11)

Gillingham (1/45)

Rainham (8)

Hoo Peninsula (2)