Laurence Andrews

2021 - The Year of Sustain

I didn’t share this year’s (2021’s) theme on the blog until now - that was quite intentional, I wanted to keep things low key. But now we’re done, I can share that 2021’s yearly theme was ‘The Year of Sustain’ with the simple objective to keep tracking as we are, to sustain our pace, way of life and to keep doing what we’re doing. The events of ... Read more

2020 - The Year of Prove

A double entendre for proving things in the literal sense and metaphorically in the baking sense, allowing things to rest and rise. The years prior have been a flurry of activity and excitement with travel, marriage, a puppy and job changes - it’s been fantastic and exhilarating, but we both felt the need for a year of calm, to “rest in position... Read more

Thank you, 2018

Readers of the blog will know that 2018 was The Year of Smart, my first attempt at utilising the concept of a yearly theme to help maintain direction and focus on productivity. The good news is it went well..! The theme worked as intended and helped provide overarching guidance and had many good benefits over using a simple list of annual goals ... Read more