Laurence Andrews

Cornwall, Summer 2018

Another month, another trip to Cornwall! Well, not quite… It has been a long time since we were last down, the summer of 2018 shall be known for two things, 1. Being very hot and 2. Having many weddings. As a result of number 2 we haven’t been in Cornwall quite as much as we would like but we found a window in early August and seized the opportunity. This trip was also the maiden voyage of the Audi - and oh my! What a difference it makes. We’re riding in business class now!!

The Rising Sun in Gunnislake has to be one of the most lovely pubs in Cornwall.. And I don’t throw that title around willy nilly. It ticks all of my crcuial ‘Proper British Pub’ requirements:

  1. Be in a remote, resonably inaccessible place
  2. Be Cosy and Inviting
  3. Be Rustic and ‘Weathered’ (Read: old and a bit tatty)
  4. Have that weird but somehow lovely pub smell (I’m sure you know what I mean)
  5. Have live music with local talent
  6. Serve good, proper pub food (pies, fish and chips, etc)
  7. Have the toilets located in an outside building
  8. Have a resident patron (who is always there)
  9. Be a Freehouse (not part of a brewery chain)
  10. Most importantly of all: Serve amazing, local, Cask Ale

I will certainly update this post if I do find a better Cornish pub, but for now it takes the crown. Just look at that view, who needs a coastline when you’ve got that??

On the other end of the ‘lovely’ spectrum is one of my most favourite resturants, The Longstore, Charlestown. Rustic and quaint is it not, but food here is simple and delicious, the service is fantastic and the atmostphere is exactly what it should be. It is always on my list of places to eat when in Cornwall and I pray for Oysters to be on the specials board.

Despite Kelly and my Mother’s busy schedule running Mr Small’s we managed to find time over the weekend for dinner and of course, wine.

That’s my beer, not his. After a long morning Owen and I thought we’d take our non-union-mandated break from Mr Small’s. In contrast to the previous two reviews I absolutely do NOT recommend going to the Rann Wartha Wetherspoons in St Austell. Not only is exactly like every other Wetherspoons in the UK, it’s possibly the dreariest example I can think of. The place has nothing good going for it except cheap beer and well, cheap beer = bad beer (I still drank it though). Go elsewhere!

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