Laurence Andrews

Holm Point

It’s hot. It’s super hot, the Audi said it was 30 Celsius in the car at lunch time and I believe it. The weather is absolutely gorgeous and I almost envy those who are on furlough and able to make the most of being away from work. Aside from working I made a few small tweaks to the CSS on the blog, I added a footer for Github/Jekyll and adjusted the borders of those items. I think it looks a little better. Next task is to remove the social icons from the top for mobile browsers.

Today was homework day following yesterday’s Day Skipper Theory lesson. I managed to find time this evening at 9am to start and have only just finished everything now (it’s 11pm). Homework was actually good, during the lessons yesterday I was struggling to get to complete grips with finding location, bearing, etc but I’m now pretty comfortable with that. I was a little bit naughty and bought a pack of charts from the chandlery (£45!) so I could work out real-world information and check it against google. Good news is that I’m super familiar with the process now, I can do it pretty quickly and my answers are the same as those on the instructor’s slides. The YouTube videos I mentioned from Elite Sailing are new, or certainly have been uploaded new and they are really very good. Very clear and easy to follow, it’s

Good news of the day is that the window in the kitchen is now fixed. Annoying that it broke but at least it’s no longer full of condensation and looks like a proper window again. The guy turned up in full mask, gloves, etc and just got on with it. It’s good to see that people are getting back to work, especially in places where it’s relatively low risk (I didn’t need to get near the guy).

Anyway, it’s late and I have class number two tomorrow and the weekly 10:30am Verdant beer launch.

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