Laurence Andrews

Cocked Hat

Wednesday’s Day Skipper lesson was great. The Zoom format continues to work very well and I’m enjoying being able to be in my own space and not have to worry about other people. We covered some interesting topics, how to calculate bearing, position fixing, and compass variation and deviation, which was a new concept to me. We also covered tides and depth theory, the concept of tides is something i’ve sort of understood but it’s nice to learn about it properly. Homework from lesson 2 wasn’t too difficult, perhaps two hours in total and most of that I wrapped up straight after the lesson like the good student I am. A cocked hat by the way is a positing term, for when three position lines are taken but don’t perfectly intersect, creating a triangle.

In Strong Holm I posted about how people were abusing the ‘take away’ for the pub. Well, turns out somebody must have said something because there are now warning notices duck-taped to each of the pub benches. For those wondering, it wasn’t me, I’m far too lazy to bother complaining about something like that, I’d rather just moan about it here. I suppose it could be that my blog is now so popular that it’s having an impact in the real world, but I highly doubt that since the post has only been read six times.

In booze-news, I ordered the new Verdant beer releases on Wednesday, little late off the mark my order didn’t complete until 10:42 which meant they didn’t ship that same day. They look pretty good, one of the beers, All together IPA is a charity beer and Verdant split a portion of the profits with Hospitality Action South West. The other beer, Where does time go is an 8% DIPA, not sure it’s going to be quite up my street but we’ll see. The more exciting booze-news is that Tarquin’s released Hell Bay Seaweed Gin on their Thirsty Thursday. It’s the first time that i’ve ever seen it sold online and it’s usually only available from behind the bar of the Hell Bay Hotel on the Scilly Isles. I’ve checked this morning and it’s now sold out and I’m not surprised. Very much looking forward to giving this a try and adding it to the collection.

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