Laurence Andrews

Medway 2022 Parks Challenge

We took baby Charlotte for a walk today around Rochester, it was nice, weather was mild and it was good to get out after what feels like days and days of being at home watching rain out of the window. It got me thinking about where else in Medway we could take Charlotte on a walk with us. Rochester is lovely and we spend a lot of time walking around Upnor, but what other spaces are there around us that we’ve not been to?

Medway Council publish a list of ‘Country Parks, Open Spaces, Parks and Play Areas’ on their website. Perfect! So in 2022, we’re going to take on the challenge and try and visit each and every one. It’ll hopefully be a good way of seeing a bit more of Medway, getting us out and about and appreciating what we have on our doorstep.

We’re going to call it The 2022 Medway Parks Challenge

There are 116 parks on the Medway Council list, so it should be an achievable goal provided we visit a few parks a week. There are clearly a lot of parks missing, particularly those on the Hoo Peninsula, so perhaps we’ll be able to help the council update their information as part of this little challenge. Information is sometimes available on parish council websites, but not always.

Rules of the challenge are simple:

To keep track, I’ll add a separate page on my blog which will keep information of each park. You should find a link here once I’ve set it all up.

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