Laurence Andrews

Strood Waterfront

After visiting The Vines, we thought we’d take a walk over Rochester bridge to get some yarn for a project Victoria is working on. Charlotte and Dexter were both behaving and enjoying the walk so we thought we’d swing by Park number 3, Strood Waterfront. …Sounds like it actually might be quite nice, right? Not so much. Going to try and make thi... Read more

The Vines

It’s been cold and rainy this week, so we’ve mostly stayed tucked up at home. Fortunately, the weather brightened up this Sunday though and we got ourselves out to park #2 of The Medway Parks Challenge, a Charles Dickens favourite, Rochester’s The Vines. This is actually the second time we visited this year, it makes for a perfect little detour... Read more

Lewis Richard Andrews - 1892

Writing this somewhat unusual post because I have some random pieces of information that I don’t want to lose to time… Lewis Richard Andrews, born (aprx) 1892 is my Great-Granduncle, that is, my Grandfather’s Father’s Brother. My Grandfather, Richard Andrews - 1929 and my Great Grandfather, Leslie Lawrence Andrews 1894(5?). Lewis, along with Le... Read more

The 2022 Below Deck Challenge

Not taking credit for the name of this one, that was all Victoria. Yes, another challenge, this is the year of all the twos after all. As regular readers will know, we use YNAB to keep track of our finances, YNAB is great and it’s a very powerful tool for budgeting the future but it is also really useful for reporting on the past. We’ve been us... Read more

Broomhill Park

Thought we’d kick off the Medway Parks Challenge with one of Medway’s eight Green Flag Award Winning Parks, Broomhill Park in Strood. this is going to be a common phrase, but I’ve never actually been to this park before; frankly I’m a little ashamed to say that, because it was really very lovely. It’s certainly a little out of the way and becaus... Read more

Medway 2022 Parks Challenge

We took baby Charlotte for a walk today around Rochester, it was nice, weather was mild and it was good to get out after what feels like days and days of being at home watching rain out of the window. It got me thinking about where else in Medway we could take Charlotte on a walk with us. Rochester is lovely and we spend a lot of time walking ar... Read more

2021 - The Year of Sustain

I didn’t share this year’s (2021’s) theme on the blog until now - that was quite intentional, I wanted to keep things low key. But now we’re done, I can share that 2021’s yearly theme was ‘The Year of Sustain’ with the simple objective to keep tracking as we are, to sustain our pace, way of life and to keep doing what we’re doing. The events of ... Read more

Dadblog - Week 40

Well, we had hoped that by now baby would be with us! Seems it’s not time just yet…. Baby is still doing very well though, getting itself ready for the big day which is getting closer every minute that passes. Victoria is doing fine too and is coping very well, despite baby being really quite big! Weekend before last we went and did another ult... Read more