Laurence Andrews

Stratford to Romford

Today SWMBO was in Romford, London seeing her family; I seized the opportunity to venture further than Stratford on Greater Anglia…

It was busy! But a good, quick trip. I took the Jubilee from Westminster to Stratford then caught the train towards Shenfield. Took around 45mins in total.

I’m convinced the Greater Anglia is the most dull operating company in the entire UK, why? Just the colours. I like the red that they are beginning to introduce, but the grey and white mix is just boring and awful! The stock they run doesn’t exactly help the case, especially on this route, but the Class 315s are rumoured to be soon replaced.

The cost is something that I can’t complain about, £4.00 from Westminster to Romford works out at 0.27p per mile.

Would definitely like to travel further on this line, perhaps up to Harwich International Port.

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