Laurence Andrews

Speaking at WAN Summit London

It has been an incredibly exciting week; it is not too often that I get nervous and even less frequently so in a work environment - but to do so was very worthwhile. For the past few months, I have been preparing to talk at WAN Summit London, a relatively notable industry symposium attended by Network Managers, IT Executives and Enterprise Service Providers. My presentation focused on the exciting adoption of SD-WAN technology at Cushman & Wakefield, sharing the journey that we have taken as an organisation from integration to having a suite of next-generation technologies deployed across the global firm. Preparing was difficult, despite lots of great advice from colleagues and peers it is, and was, hard to know what to expect when standing on stage. In the immediate moments before I was quite nervous, certainly had a few butterflies, but got into the swing much more quickly than I anticipated and really began to enjoy the moment once I was talking about the content I know well. Feedback has been great following, I had some really interesting questions during the presentation and had a number of thought-provoking discussions with other enterprise leaders. Very proud to be able to mark Number 11 from the list!

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